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PostSubject: Mauling   Mauling Icon_minitimeSun Mar 28, 2010 10:05 pm

been checking out the mauls that are so effective by the saffa's and I cant understand how they're getting away with it.

they're illegal.

basically in a maul you cant have the ball carrier moving around, he has to be bound and once bound he cant be rebound to another player while he has the ball. on fri i saw a lions player start the maul and then he ended up at the back of it still in possession. thats truck and trailer as he had to unbound himself at some stage to get there. also he has to be fully bound as in the scrum rules, ie at least the whole arm and shoulder.

also when the front of the maul breaks off thats a new maul so when a new maul forms then the ball better be at the front else its obstruction

and thirdly u cant have a maul when no one else is challenging it else its offside because the ball carrier is at the middle or back while in contact with his own players in front of him. bulls are good at this. the idea of this rule is that the ball carrier has to be moving forward and only when theres contact/challenge can a new maul begin to be formed. the bulls are great at this (and good on them for using it while they can) they'll win a line out and form a maul before the opposition even realise it.

hope this gets picked up b4 the next world cup
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