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 Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked   Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 3:36 pm

Scotty wrote:
SBW wrote:
Yeah I received an email today that was doing the rounds, basically summarising the information that has been posted on here and Sportal over the past few days (and subsequently deleted due to defamation issues).

Sounds more and more certain that there are definitely going to be some life-bans handed out after the Grand Final. And more and more speculation that one of the players to be on the receiving end of a bane is a HUGE name.

I still call Bullshit, this is a police investigation, there is no way the police would hold out making arrests simply because the NRL doesn't want their Grand Final week interrupted, and if it's information the NRL have that the Police don't than them not giving that to the police is obstruction of justice, which would be a lot worse for the NRL than revealing to be true rumours of this magnitude in the middle of GF week. The only conclusion therefore that we can make is that the police do not have enough information to do anything with yet, but will just happen to obtain enough on Monday after the GF, and everyone knows it will be Monday that they obtain this information..... Rolling Eyes

Sounds more to me like someone who started these rumours has an agenda.

not the police wouldn't hold on making arrests, but they will wait until there investigation is completed and that will take time.
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Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked   Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 5:43 pm


POLICE are ready to start interviewing North Queensland players over rugby league's betting scandal.

Police from Task Force Suburb will arrive in Townsville, possibly next week, to speak with every Cowboys player who played in the controversial round 24 match against Canterbury.

Each player will be asked for a statement and to give their version of the events.

Bookies claimed suspicious betting patterns on North Queensland to be the match's first pointscorer through a penalty goal – generally a friendless betting option.

Police, though, may have a problem with several Cowboys players overseas and others having left the club.

"Police have been in touch with us," North Queensland football manager Peter Parr said.

"They want to speak with everyone who played in that game, from both sides.

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End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.

"We just have to find a suitable date given some players are away, and others have gone to other clubs."

Several Canterbury players have already been interviewed but most will speak to police next week.

Bulldogs officials and players have been told by police not to comment publicly.

Canterbury chief executive Todd Greenberg said: "We have been in dialogue with police.

"We have agreed to assist them wherever possible in their investigation."

A source said: "The players aren't obligated to talk.

"The club can't make them do it but the players want to because they have nothing to hide."

I doubt this will be finished next week.
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Breaking Rumour: Thurston to be sacked
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