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 2009 NFL Mock Drafts

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PostSubject: 2009 NFL Mock Drafts   2009 NFL Mock Drafts Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 11:50 am

With many changes in the offseason, I have made a new Mock Draft.

Pick 1- Detroit Lions -Matt Stafford- This pick is a make or break for the Lions. You can't get any worse than 0-16, so the lions need to figure out where they are heading for the future with this pick. Candidates include Georgia QB Matt Stafford, Wake Forest LineBacker Aaron Curry and Offensive Linemen Jason Smith, Andre Smith, Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe. The Lions have two picks in the first round from their trade of Roy Williams to the Lions. Their main concerns are pretty much everywhere and first of all they need a QB that can control a game. The two first class QB's in the draft are Mark Sanchezz and Matt Stafford. Stafford is alot more experienced and even though many young QB's end up busts with bad O-lines, the Lions have another pick in the round. Matt Stafford is the man for the Lions.

Pick 2 - St Louis Rams - Jason Smith- The St Louis Rams have been a big dissapointment in 2007 and 2008. They have had a top class QB in Marc Bulger, a great Runningback in Steven Jackson and a veteran wide receiver in Tory Holt. Tory Holt has recently been released but now it is time for the Rams to work on the aspect that has let these great players down every year. Ofensive Line. If the Lions take Stafford, the best Offensive Linemen are availible and Jason Smith from Baylor looks to be the best O-Lineman out there. Andre Smith from Alabama showed he had attitude problems in the Combine so Jason Smith should help the Rams in 09-10.

Pick 3 - Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Curry- The Chiefs, along with everyother team in the top 5, have issues everywhere. The Chiefs look to be having Thigpen as their QB of the next few years and with argueably the best Linebacker in the draft availible, it would be stupid for the Chiefs to not add Curry to their terrible Defense.

Pick 4 - Seattle Seahawks - Chris Wells - Most Mock Drafts, including my previous one, have had Michael Crabtree from Texas Tech at pick four because of the lack of receiver is Seattle. But with the recent signing of T.J Houshmanzadeh, the Seahawks would be looking at the other reasons that they went 4-12 in 2008. One of these is in the running game. The Seahwaks released MVP Sean Alexander to make room for Maurice Morris, T.J Duckett and Julius Jones. All of which failed to live up to expectations and forced the Seattle offense to look to the passing game which also had no options. Chris Wells is the best running back in the draft and he would be a great player in a team like SEattle.

Pick 5 - Cleveland Browns - Malcom Jenkins - The Browns look to be heading with Brady Quinn in the future so the main concern for Cleveland in the draft should be their secondary. The Top CB in the draft is Ohio State CB Malcom Jenkins.

Pick 6 - Cincinatti Bengals - Michael Oher - The Bengals struggled severely with an injury to QB Carson Palmer which caused tension with Chad Johnson or Ocho Cinco (Whatever his name is). The Bengals may have a return from Carson Palmer which should brighten things up again but until then a good O-Line is needed to make sure Carson or whoever out there isnt under too much pressure. (This can be a big problem wih Ocho Cinco out there). Michael Oher is a good O-Lineman who is almost as good as Jason Smith.

Pick 7 - Oakland Raiders - Michael Crabtree - The Raiders have a terrible offensive line and are known for first round busts such as Jamarcus Russel and Darren Mcfadden. Michael Crabtree is a fast game changer who the raiders need out there since Javon Walker was such a fail. He is the best Wide REceiver in the draft and would be a steal for any team beyond pick 7.

Pick 8 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Eugene Monroe - David Garrard had huge difference in his gameplay of 2007 to 2008. The main difference was Offensive line and with one of the top 3 O-lineman still out there. It would be a plus for Jaguars and David Garrard.

Pick 9 - Green Bay Packers - Brian Orakpo - The Packers gave away countless fourth quarter leads due to their struggling defense. Brian Orakpo is a DE/OLB player who would be a good upgrade to the Packers Defense.

Pick 10 - San Fransisco - Mark Sanchezz - The 49ers have had struggling QB's in Shaun Hill and J.T O Sullivan. With Mark Sanchezz availble at pick 10, The 49ers would have to take Sanchezz. He may not be as experienced but has plenty of talent.

Pick 11 - Buffallo Bills - B.J Raji - The Bills had a very dissapointing season in 2008. They gave away a 6-1 record to end the season at 7-9. They have made the addition of T.O and IMO should work on the points they gave up in the second half of the season. B.J Raji is a strong DE who should help a young Buffallo team.

Pick 12 - Denver Broncos - Ray Maulaga - The Broncos had the worst defense in the league in 2008 and every sign shows them going Defense in the draft. Ray Maulaga from USC looks good and could be a leader of which was a very dissapointing defense.

Pick 13 - Washington Redskins - Jeremy Maclin - The redskins dont have the highest quality passing game and Jeremy Maclin is fast guy which could improve a new Redskins team.

Pick 14 - New Orleans Saints - Everette Brown - The Saints had problems on defense in 2008 especially in the Defensive Line. Everette Brown would be a good steal for the Saints as he is projected earlier in most Mock Drafts.

Pick 15 - Housten Texans - Aaron Maybin - Aaron is another DE/OLB player who would fit perefectly at line backer behind or next to Mario Williams

Pick 16 - San Diego Chargers - Eben Britton - The main reason of LT's average season in 2008 was because of an offensive line that had forgotten how to Run Block. Britton is a good Run Blocker who could bring LT back to his MVP style.

Pick 17 - NY Jets - Darius Heyward-Bey - The NY Jets will miss Laveranues Coles at WR and will need somebody to take over.

Pick 18 - Chicago Bears - Josh Freeman - The Bears have a QB problem they havent been able to fix for a while and Josh Freeman just may be their long term solution.

Pick 19 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Brian Cushing - The Buccs have lost a vetran in Derrick Brooks who has been a great Linebacker for them. A new LineBacker would be a good start to a new era from their defense.

Pick 20- Detroit Lions - Andre Smith - The Lions will have to take a chance on the talent of Bama Offensive Lineman Andre Smith to help Matt Staffords transition into the NFL with a struggling team.

Pick 21 - Philadelphia Eagles - Duke Robinson - The Eagles have two picks in the first round and although they have had a solid offensive line in the past years, it is getting older.

Pick 22 - Minesota Vikings - James Laurinaitis - The Vikings had a positive year in 2008 and may be looking for some depth in ILB.

Pick 23 - New England Patriots - Knowshon Moreno - The Patriots struggled with injuries with RunningBack in 2008 and need the depth for if the same situation comes.

Pick 24 - Atlanta Falcons - Louis Delmas - The Falcons had apositive season on offense with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner so defense should be on the agenda. S Louis Delmas is an appropriate choice.

Pick 25 - Miami Dolphins - Clay Matthews - The Dolphins as well had a positive year on offense so should look at OLB with Clay Matthews.

Pick 26 - Baltimore Ravens - Vontae Davis - The Ravens defense had a big era with Ray Lewis and Ed reed. As Ray Lewis gets older, a new dynasty is needed, Vontae Davis at CB should be good.

Pick 27 - Indianapolis Colts - Perria Jerry - The colts havent had the best players at DT for a while and are lacking a run stopping D-line. Perria Jerry is a good schoice for the colts.

Pick 28 - Philadelphia Eagles - Larry English - The Eagles can work for the future of their defense with English.

Pick 29 - NY Giants - Michael Johnson - THe Giants had a good defense in 2008 and will only make it better with s solid DE in Johnson.

Pick 30 - Tenessee Titans - Percy Harvin - The titans have good players in all positions except for WR. They have lacked a good WR for a while and after a successful year, they will be able to work well with a playmaker in Harvin

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PostSubject: Re: 2009 NFL Mock Drafts   2009 NFL Mock Drafts Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 8:09 am

You seem to know a lot about your NFL.
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2009 NFL Mock Drafts
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